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Extreme Commitment Toolkit

To help motor coach operators share their enhanced cleaning practices with clients, passengers and the media, MCI has created the Extreme Clean Commitment Toolkit to share information on your enhanced cleaning procedures, products and equipment that will optimize passenger and driver protection.

Maintenance Toolkit

As temperatures change and customers are returning coaches into service,
MCI offers the following reminders for coach batteries:

Test voltage on each battery individually with multi-meter

  • If voltage reading on each battery is 12.4 volts or higher, charge is enough to start engine
  • If voltage reading is less than 12.4 volts, charge or replace batteries before starting engine
  • Remember, this is only telling you part of the story.

Inspect physical appearance, terminal connections and securement

  • Look for bulging sides, leaking, excessive contaminants on top – Replace or clean
  • Battery Terminal Connections must be clean and secured properly
  • Battery hold down secured properly
  • Battery Cable connections – As a reference, there can only be a voltage drop at a single connection of 1/10th of a volt. And a voltage drop on a on an entire branch of .5 of a volt.
  • Check the Electrolyte level and Specific Gravity of each Cell
  • Perform a load test – Only if all the above checks are satisfactory

Take the time and deal with dead or discharged batteries properly!

  • Jump or boost starting should be avoided whenever possible, especially when batteries are completely depleted, i.e. below ~10.5 volts
  • Alternators are designed to maintain batteries & electrical system, not charge them! Discharged batteries never fully recover and alternator life is diminished.
  • Onboard Inverter/ battery charger may not work with batteries below ~10.5 volts
  • Reminder – Batteries are the heart of the electrical network, if not properly charged with solid connections, any additional electrical system test are likely going to be skewed


Information to help communicate your maintenance guidance to customers.

Green Tech Toolkit

Customizable templates to help you showcase your green practices to customers.