Our new zero-emission, battery-electric, high-floor commuter transit coach.

The all-time best-selling coach family is now all-electric.

Our next-generation, zero-emission, battery-electric luxury coach.

Electric Series

Electric that goes the distance.

MCI’s battery-electric coach models offer zero-emission transportation, eliminating emissions while delivering high-capacity commuter coach transportation.

  • 225 – 230+ miles

    Industry-leading range.

  • Under 4 hours

    150 kW charging from zero to full capacity in less than 4 hours.

Powerful, fast and efficient.

MCI electric coaches use a smooth-riding suspension and high-torque electric drive systems for efficient performance at highway speeds, have long-distance range applications, and deliver plug-in battery charging to 100 percent in less than 4 hours.



Electric models.

MCI electric coaches are powered by American-made, high-energy batteries and integrate the design, performance, and technology of New Flyer’s zero-emission transit buses, while leveraging NFI Infrastructure Solutions™ to deliver smart charging that supports successful electric coach deployment.


Features a revolutionary patented low entry vestibule with a seating area and ramp that significantly improves dwell times and the boarding and ride experience for passengers with disabilities and mobility challenges.


Integrates high-performing zero-emission technologies, while featuring design advancements of MCI’s next generation D45 CRT commuter transit coaches.


Brings all-electric capability to the industry’s best-seller in the tour, charter and employee shuttle markets.

Unmatched experience the moment you step on board.

All MCI electric coaches offer fully customizable interior design and LED lighting options, a brighter and more spacious interior, enhanced seating, and more legroom for unparalleled passenger comfort.

High performance coach.

  • Ranges of 230+ miles for the J4500 CHARGE™, 225+ miles for the D45 CRT LE CHARGE™ and D45 CRT CHARGE™ at average road speeds and conditions.

  • Energy-dense nickel manganese cobalt (NMC) lithium ion batteries with high-power plug-in charging from empty to full in less than 4 hours.

  • Energy Recovery

    Regenerative braking with 90% energy recovery, making for highly efficient driving in start-stop traffic conditions.

  • A 45-foot electric coach can avoid approximately 80 metric tons of greenhouse gas (GHG) annually.

MCI’s early entries in clean-diesel, CNG, and diesel-electric hybrid commuter coaches have led the industry for more than a decade. In the last two decades alone, New Flyer has expanded in three categories of zero-emission buses — battery-electric, trolley-electric, and hydrogen fuel cell-electric — along with the widest range of charging options. As part of NFI, MCI has leveraged this impressive history of electric-driven innovation and expertise in our electric coach product line, which makes us your best partner in battery-electric propulsion.


All MCI battery-electric coaches are interoperable with charging equipment that supports all heavy-duty electric vehicles.

Depot charging.

Depot charging is the preferred method for MCI coaches. Slower charging reduces infrastructure cost, complexity, and battery degradation. Plug-in chargers can be used for overnight, mid-day, and with on-route charging.

  • J4500 CHARGE™ has a range of 230+ miles (520 kWh)* on a single charge.
  • D45 CRT LE CHARGE™ and D45 CRT CHARGE™ have a range of 225+ miles (520 kWh)* on a single charge.
*Range values are highly dependent on duty cycle

Battery enclosures.

  • Efficient use of space for maximum on-board energy
  • Top and bottom redundant anchoring
  • Water proof vents for pressure relief during temperature fluctuations
  • Condensation drainage
  • Vibration-resistant electrical connections
  • Custom frame modifications to form subpack beds
  • Stainless steel construction for high strength-to-weight and corrosion resistance

Electrical efficiency throughout.

All on-board sub-systems and accessories are electrically driven and shared across product models. AC power is supplied through a dedicated inverter for the air compressor, HVAC compressors, and energy storage cooling unit. The coach also has a high-capacity converter unit to supply 24-volt DC power for power steering, interior fans, lights and other standard vehicle accessories.

MCI leverages NFI Infrastructure Solutions™ to deliver safe, reliable, smart and sustainable charging and mobility solutions that supports successful electric coach deployment. NFI Infrastructure Solutions™ has installed 450+ EV chargers to date.

Services include:

  • Supports mobility projects from start to finish.
  • Focuses on energy management optimization.
  • Provides infrastructure planning and development.
  • Provides cohesive transition of bus fleets to zero-emission electric technology.

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Reliable Support

  • Comprehensive support that includes in-field expertise, technical call center, 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Ongoing technical training from the industry’s only Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) accredited MCI Academy technician training center
  • Parts support from NFI Parts™, the industry’s largest parts supplier
  • MCI Service Centers – from routine maintenance and warranty to complex troubleshooting, you’ll find all the help you need.


  • MCI’s standard limited warranty coverage offers a best-in-class 30-month, unlimited mile warranty on J-Series coaches.
  • The standard warranty goes even further with our super 60 extended coverage on many components for up to five years/500K miles, and expands coverage on several components and wear items that carry warranty terms shorter than the applicable base limited warranty.
  • Optional extended warranties on drive motor and batteries are available.