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Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

MCI is committed to developing and adopting the technologies that benefit operators, drivers and passengers with the highest possible level of safety. We lead in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) by being the first to offer Bendix’s Wingman Advanced adaptive cruise control/collision mitigation system on the J-Series models as an option.

Bendix Fusion

As the most advanced ADAS safety suite on the market today, Bendix Fusion adds a windshield-mounted, forward-facing camera in addition to the front bumper-mounted radar. The added camera utilizes object recognition software to further identify moving and stationary objects, lane markings, road signs and more.

Stationary Vehicle Braking

Stationary Vehicle Braking uses forward-facing radar to identify large metal objects. If Fusion’s radar is tracking a large stationary metallic object that “looks” like a vehicle to the camera recognition software, then Fusion will apply braking as a precaution.

Lane Departure Warning

Lane Departure Warning tracking that recognizes lane markers and will issue a warning on the instrument panel if the vehicle begins to drift into another lane.

Traffic Sign Recognition

Traffic Sign Recognition identifies common road signs, such as speed limit signs. If Fusion “sees” a speed limit sign and notes the coach is exceeding that limit, it will also issue a warning on the instrument panel.

Learn more about this technology at New Flyer and MCI’s Vehicle Innovation Center.