Clean-diesel luxury coach.

Reliably efficient + luxurious.

With extra style and high performance, MCI’s best-selling J-Series will take your business everywhere it needs to go and make your fleet more versatile than ever.

  • J4500 + J3500

    Available in 35′ and 45′ lengths.

  • Up to 60 Seats

    Best-in-class legroom and comfortable seating.

Unparalleled elegance.

Allure at the curb, top-tier amenities, and the proven componentry of our best-loved models, the J4500 is North America’s best-selling touring coach. It is praised by operators for its ease of ownership, and a favorite with drivers for its nimble handling.

The J3500 has all of the same styling and comfort hallmarks, shared J-coach components, and a turning radius of under 33-feet to help you maneuver the tight spots.


J Series packages.

The J4500 and J3500 share maximum commonality coach system technologies, including electrical, HVAC, suspension, brakes/axles, frame and body components. Each can be customized to suit your market needs.

Severe Duty

The Severe-Duty package is perfect for industrial applications such as mining, oil and gas employee transportation, where a more rugged and reliable coach is needed for harsh environments.

University Transportation

The University package is perfect for traveling sports teams, bands, VIP activities, field trips, and more with larger baggage compartments and plenty of interior storage space, along with spacious seating for as many as 60 passengers.

Luxury Ground Transportation

With luxurious interiors and high-end amenities, the Livery Edition™ J-Series is devoted to the chauffeured services market. MCI’s exclusive ReliaCare™ maintenance package helps keep your fleet at top performance.

Unique features and custom options.

  • Programmable LED lighting, seating, trim and lighting upgrades, and a rear window for improved ambiance
  • Forward facing, comfortable high back passenger seating with 3-point seat belts
  • Standard rear lavatory
  • Sedan-style front entrance door and optional rear-coach wheelchair lift
  • Repositioned engine air intake for a quieter cabin
  • Integrated instrument panel and dash for improved functionality, ergonomics, aesthetics and reduced driver distraction

Expert engineering.

  • A stainless-steel frame that resists the elements and provides dependable long-term structural integrity
  • Improvement on fuel efficiency by more than 3% with an electric cooling fan system
  • Independent front and tag axle suspension system
  • Swing-out radiator/charge air cooler module with e-fans for efficiency and ease of maintenance
  • Energy absorbing front & rear bumpers

Seating and lighting.

MCI J-Series interior fabrics, trim and flooring options have been created with longtime collaborator BMW Group’s Designworks.

Two carefully chosen amenity levels offer operators a choice, with additional options for customization:

  • Preferred level offers basic elegance and plenty of comfort including Amaya thin-back seats.
  • High Spec level pulls out all the stops with top-of-the-line thin-back euro style seating, and other special touches throughout the cabin including programmable color RGB lamps to light the stepwell and cabin.

Trim level packages.

The interior cabin can be customized to satisfy individual business preferences and branding goals. In-stock inventory includes two pre-selected, color-coordinated seat, fabric and flooring packages are available to tailor the coach to suit specific needs:

  • The Blue Package offers vibrant, layered and gridded blue tones.
  • The Tech Package has luminous, refined, textural interiors featuring grey tones.

High-tech safety systems.

MCI is committed to developing and adopting the technologies that benefit operators, drivers and passengers with the highest possible level of safety.

  • Three-point passenger seatbelts
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems
  • Automatic fire suppression
  • Electronic Stability Control
  • Patented Digital Wheel End Sensing systems that help measure wheel end temperatures
  • Optional next-generation 360° camera that provides a bird’s-eye view around the entire coach to significantly aid vision while maneuvering at low speeds
  • Collision mitigation technology

Advanced driver assistance systems.

MCI is the first to offer the Bendix Wingman Advanced adaptive cruise control/collision mitigation system which includes a windshield-mounted, forward-facing camera in addition to the front bumper-mounted radar.

Bendix Fusion offers the following enhanced functionality:

  • Stationary Vehicle Braking uses forward-facing radar to identify large metal objects.
  • Lane Departure Warning tracking recognizes lane markers to issue a warnings if the vehicle begins to drift into another lane.
  • Traffic Sign Recognition identifies common road signs, such as speed limit signs.

Reliable Support

  • Comprehensive support that includes in-field expertise, technical call center and 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Ongoing technical training from the industry’s only Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) accredited MCI Academy technician training center
  • Parts support from NFI Parts®, the industry’s largest parts supplier
  • MCI Service Centers – from routine maintenance and warranty to complex troubleshooting, you’ll find all the help you need.


  • MCI’s standard limited warranty coverage offers a best-in-class 30-month, unlimited mile warranty on J-Series coaches.
  • The standard warranty goes even further with our super 60 extended coverage on many components for up to five years/500K miles, and expands coverage on several components and wear items that carry warranty terms shorter than the applicable base limited warranty.
  • Optional extended OEM warranties on engine and transmission are available.