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Tips for Cold Weather from MCI

Published by National Bus Trader

With the cold winter weather upon us once again, extra attention must be paid to make sure that your buses run smoothly. Here is a list of suggestions from MCI on what to do and look for to keep your fleet running in this season. Paying attention to these tips will improve reliability on the road for your buses.

“Inspections are an integral part of a preventative maintenance program to ensure your coaches run smoothly in every season,” says William Pfeifer, Technical Solutions Manager, MCI.

Follow MCI’s maintenance “to-do” list to keep things running smoothly when the weather is not.

Keep coolant mixture strength and P.H. levels as specified by the coolant manufacturer.
• Pressurize the engine cooling system and check for leaks. Cooling systems may develop “cold water leaks” at lower temperatures.
• Check the main blower, defroster motors, brushes, and amperage draws.
• Unclog heater cores if needed and clean or replace air filters.
• Clean battery posts and check water levels for the proper State of Charge.
• Verify that all electrical cable connections are tight and corrosion free. Apply protective coating to prevent corrosion.
• Inspect engine and lavatory holding tank immersion heaters and connections.
• Make sure the windshield washer solvent is at the right concentration level to prevent freezing.
• Turn on the windshield wipers to ensure the motor and washer are operating properly, and look for cracking rubber on the wiper blades to determine if replacements are needed.
• Replace cracked or chipped windshields.
• Install valve stem caps on all tires and keep tire pressure at recommended levels.
• Refer to auxiliary heater maintenance manuals for pre-winter preparation instructions.
• Inspect the spare tire and fire extinguisher and keep a belt and bulb kit on board.

Heeding these tips helps to improve reliability on the road and maintain the longevity of your coach. If you need maintenance assistance, contact your nearest MCI Service Center, which can provide service, parts and warranty work to complete coach refurbishing by MCI-trained technicians.

For technical or emergency roadside assistance, MCI stands alongside you 24/7 at 800-241-2947.

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