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LIFT YOUR EXPECTATIONS. MCI installation makes ADA compliance easy, with OEM confidence.

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  • Original-maker lift availability
  • Installation to MCI factory standards
  • OEM fit and finish inside and out
  • Retention of all original coach functionality
  • Fast idle circuit
  • OEM serviceability
  • Increased value to coach

Original-maker lift availability

MCI can install either a Ricon or Braun lift in your MCI coach, depending on original coach specifications. By choosing original equipment, you can be assured that you're installing a lift that is approved for MCI coach use and will work properly with your coach systems.

Installation to MCI factory standards.

Because MCI installs wheelchair lifts as OEM equipment, we know how to correctly do retrofits, too. Outside, our OEM-quality installations maintain the structural integrity of the coach, which could one day prove invaluable for the safety of all of your passengers. Inside, we weld seat tracks to structural steel and passenger restraints to ½-inch plate steel, never to plywood or other less-resilient materials. We also make sure safety interlocks are installed correctly to ensure that the coach is in park with the park brake on while engaging the lift, so the driver can't inadvertently move the coach while the wheelchair lift is in use. That's vital protection for your boarding passenger, and for your reputation.

OEM fit and finish, inside and out

Wheelchair-lift retrofits are done at MCI's own facilities, where trained technicians have the equipment and training to make sure that every lift looks like it's been on board since Day One. We can even match seat patterns. And our quality installation is your assurance of top performance, along with longevity of service. It's showroom-quality work that will make your operation look good.

Retention of all original coach functionality

From making sure there are no splices in the electrical system to rerouting air ducts to make sure that the HVAC system continues to keep your entire coach at a comfortable temperature, MCI makes sure that your factory-standard MCI coach will work exactly as before.

Fast-idle circuit

Wheelchair lifts can draw a lot of power away from main coach systems during use. MCI installs a fast-idle circuit to make sure that your coach battery can handle the electrical load at all times.

OEM serviceability

Because we install to factory standards, using OEM lifts and structural parts, your retrofitted coach can be more easily serviced by any trained technicians familiar with MCI equipment and service manuals.

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Coach Model Lift Type
D4500 / 4505 / with Mux Ricon
D4500 / 4505 / with Mux Braun
D4500 / DL3 without Mux Ricon
E4500 / J4500 Ricon
E4500 / J4500 Braun

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