Leaking Wheel Seals

Do you have an MCI coach that is constantly having problems with leaking wheel seals? If you are installing the seals properly and adjusting the wheel bearings per the MCI Maintenance Manual, the cause may be something that is frequently overlooked.

The problem may be a vent that is plugged. As you drive your coach, the lubricating oil in the hubs and drive axle warms up. As the temperature increases the oil expands, creating a pressure build-up. If the vent is plugged, this pressure will escape wherever it can, usually from the wheel seal.

The front and tag axle hub covers have a rubber plug in the center of the cover. In the center of this plug is a small pinhole. Check this pinhole and verify that it is not obstructed.

The drive axle has a vent that is threaded into the upper side of the axle housing. It is usually located close to the differential portion of the axle. Periodically inspect this vent for blockage.

If you have any questions, contact the MCI Service Center at (800) 241-2947.

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