E4500 Suspension Diagnostics

The MCI® E4500 coach is equipped with an electronic suspension system. Instead of using leveling valves to maintain the coach ride height, this system uses 3 sensors that relay information to an electronic control unit. From the information received the ECU adds or removes air to/from the air bellows.

Since this system is computer controlled, it continually monitors the suspension system and all of the electrical components associated with that system. If something doesn't check out properly, the ECU will log or record a code. These codes are extremely useful for troubleshooting. Below is the procedure for accessing these codes.

On coaches prior to unit 62032:

  1. With the ignition switch in the OFF position, press and hold the suspension STOP switch (This is the lower position of the RECOVER switch.)
  2. Turn on the ignition switch and watch the four suspension tell tale lights (ride fault, kneel, high ride, low ride) while they go through their self-test. Release the suspension STOP switch within 3 seconds after these lights go off.
  3. The ride fault light will then begin flashing out a code. It will flash two different speeds, about 2 seconds in length for 10, 20, 30, etc. and only 1/2 second for 1-9. By adding up the long flashes and short flashes you can reference this number to a code list located in Section 7 of the E4500 Coach Maintenance Manual.
  4. To check for additional codes briefly press and release the STOP switch and this will switch to the next code. If there are no more codes, the light will continue to flash the same code.

For coaches after unit 62032, the procedure is the same except there is no STOP switch on the dash. Instead you press and hold the KNEEL switch and the LO-RIDE switches at the same time.


These diagnostics are the preliminary step to possibly making repairs. Since this is a very active suspension, please review the safety warnings shown in the E4500 Coach Maintenance Manual, section 12.

Safe Working Habits Are GOOD for the Health.

If you have any questions, please call the MCI Customer Support Center at (800) 241-2947, or to place an order, contact MCI Service Parts at (800) 323-1238.

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