Fuel Saving Tips

With the rising cost of fuel, fuel economy has become more of an important issue in the transportation industry. Below are some fuel saving tips we would like to pass on:

  1. By reducing your engine's programmed Vehicle Speed Limit parameter from 72 miles per hour to 66 miles per hour, one of our customers found a 10% increase in average fuel economy.
  2. There is a slight difference in fuel economy between the Detroit Diesel S60 11.1L and 12.7L engines. The 11.1L is slightly better on fuel.
  3. Lower Horse Power ratings can also reduce overall fuel consumption, so you may want to derate higher HP engines.
  4. Underinflated tires can significantly reduce fuel economy (as well as reducing tire life). Ensure all your tires are properly inflated, and regularly checked for pressure.
  5. Improper wheel alignment can also reduce fuel economy. Ensure your wheels are properly aligned.
  6. Minimize idle time.

Any increase in fuel economy would result in a direct increase in profitability for your company.

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