Fall Check List

With winter only a short time away, now would be an excellent time to prepare your coaches for the cold winter months. Listed below are recommended items to inspect and / or service to prevent difficulties due to colder and freezing temperatures.

  1. Coolant mixture strength and P.H. level. Refer to coolant manufacturer for proper specifications.
  2. Main blower motors: brushes and amperage draw.
  3. Defroster motors: brushes and amperage draw.
  4. All heater cores and air filters.
  5. Batteries: clean posts and check water levels; hydrometer check.
  6. All electrical cable connections.
  7. Immersion heaters & connections: engine, lavatory holding tank.
  8. Heater water valve operation.
  9. Voltage regulator settings.
  10. Suspension air filter.
  11. Air dryer: desiccant and heater.
  12. Windshield wiper blades.
  13. Windshield wiper motor operation.
  14. Windshield washer operation.
  15. All tire valve stem caps installed.
  16. Auxiliary heater operation: clean points & electric eye sensor / flame detector (Refer to Espar, Proheat or Webasto maintenance manual for these and other pre-winter preparation instructions.)
  17. All exterior lights and connections.
  18. Spare tire.
  19. Belt and bulb kit.
  20. Fire extinguisher.
  21. Replace cracked or chipped windshields.

If you need further assistance, contact the MCI Customer Support Center at (800) 241-2947.

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