LED Exterior Lamps

New to the coach market is the use of the LED Exterior Lamps. LED is the acronym for Light Emitting Diode. These are electronic components that create very bright, directional light when electrical power is supplied to them. The advantages of LEDs are that they require very little current to operate and have an extremely long life; as high as 100,000 hours. Lamp assemblies are being manufactured where many of these LEDs are grouped together to create a lamp that meets or exceeds DOT requirements.

Questions have been asked regarding LED exterior lamps. Since these lamps are actually constructed of several individual LEDs, there is the possibility of a portion of the lamp assembly failing while some of the LEDs are still working. With incandescent lights, either they work or they don't.

If a portion of the lamp fails and the rest still works, should the lamp be replaced? At the present time, no guidelines have been established recommending how many or what percentage of LEDs may fail before the lamp is deemed faulty.

As a suggestion, make your decision with safety in mind. These lamps are on the coach to alert others of the vehicle's location. They should be kept as clean and bright as possible. If a lamp is dim, whether due to failed LEDs, deterioration, or damage, replace it immediately.

MCI Service Parts carries all the LED exterior lamps for the newer models of MCI coaches and also has retrofit kits available for the older models built prior to LED lighting. To obtain further information on these parts, contact MCI Service Parts at (800) 323-1238.

If you need further assistance, please call the MCI Customer Support Center at (800) 241-2947.

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