Headlamp Alignment - E4500 and J4500

MCI "E" and "J" models are equipped with projector style headlamps, and require a separate procedure from vehicles equipped with sealed beam headlamps. This procedure is performed without the use of special alignment equipment, as described below. Alignment for earlier MCI coach models is discussed in a previous service tip.

  1. Place the vehicle on a level floor so headlamps are 25 feet (7.6 m) from a smooth vertical surface preferably of light color. A door or wall is suitable. Position the coach so it is square to this wall/door. In other words, all the headlamps must be 25 feet from the wall. See Figure 1.
  2. Check the tire pressure on all the wheels and correct as required.
  3. Verify that the coach suspension is at the correct ride height. The ride height is measured from the bottom of the upper bellow plate to the top of the lower bellow plate. This measurement should equal 11.5" (NOTE: while checking headlamp alignment, do not allow anyone in or out of the coach.)
  4. Measure the height of the headlamps above the floor, measuring to the center of the lamps. Draw a horizontal line on the wall the same distance above the floor as this headlamp measurement.
  5. Mark a spot on this horizontal line that lines up with the centerline of the coach.
  6. Measure the distance from the center of the LH Low Beam to the RH Low Beam. Draw a vertical line 1/2 this distance on each side of your center mark. The intersection points of the horizontal line to these two vertical lines represent the center points of your Low Beam lamps. See Figure 1.

  1. Turn on the headlamps and switch them to Low Beam. You will notice that the light pattern has a "stair step" pattern to it. When the headlamp is aimed correctly, the lower "step" is positioned on the horizontal line. The incline is positioned so 1/3 is to the left of the vertical line, and the remaining 2/3 of the incline is to the right. See Figure 2.

  1. When aiming headlamps, if the lighting pattern is distorted when compared to a new lamp, it must be replaced.
  2. The adjustment points are located on the rear of the lamp assemblies. See Figure 3.
  3. Figure 3 shows the LH lamp assembly. The RH lamp will be a mirror image of this illustration.

  1. Before making any horizontal adjustments to the lamp, the locking tab positioned between the location wheel and the body of the light must be released. To release this tab, press it up. NOTE: Once the headlamp is adjusted, be sure to reposition the locking tab back down to the "LOCK" position.
  2. Repeat the above steps for the RH Low Beam. The lighting pattern will be identical to the LH side, and positioning will also be the same.
  3. The manufacturer presets the High Beams, so once the Low Beams are aligned properly, the High Beams will also be correct.

If you have any questions, please call the MCI Customer Support Center at (800) 241-2947.


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