Entertainment Systems

New MCI coach models are equipped with REI entertainment systems. These systems are designed to operate on 24-volt electrical systems, but also require 12-volt battery power to the radio. This continuous 12-volt power is necessary to sustain the radio memory for clock settings and preset radio channels.

A fuse, usually located in the battery compartment protects this memory power. This fuse will be labeled either "Clock" or "Memory" depending on coach model and is rated 5 to 7.5 amps.

If this fuse burns out, the radio will not function. The troubleshooting steps are listed below:

  1. Check if the controller on the dash is functioning. The controller and radio share the ignition power. If the controller has no power, then the problem might be loss of ignition power.
  2. Check for radio illumination. If there is illumination, then power is being supplied to the radio by both the ignition power and the memory power. No illumination is another symptom of a loss of memory power.
  3. Check the fuse.

If you need further assistance, contact the MCI Customer Support Center at (800) 241-2947. You can also phone REI Tech Support at (800) 228-9275.

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