Connector Information - E/J Electrical Modules

The electrical system on all E/J model coaches prior to unit 62032 is comprised of self-contained electrical modules (eight on the J4500, nine on the E4500.) These modules have a 36-pin connector on each end. One is the input connector, identified with a number (P-1, P-2, etc.), and the other is the output connector, identified with a letter (P-A, P-B, etc.) See Figure 1.

Figure 1

The connectors and terminals are identical, but troubleshooting the electrical system at these connectors can be very interesting because the vendor has not numbered the pin locations. Remove the connector from the module by squeezing the lock tab on the connector body. Turn the connector so the locking tab is pointing up and the white secondary lock is visible. The pins will be arranged in three horizontal rows. Pin #1 is located in the upper RH corner and the pins are numbered from 1 to 12 moving horizontally to the left. Pin #13 is the first pin on the RH side of the second row with pin #24 on the LH side of the same row. Pin #25 is in the lower RH corner and pin #36 is in the lower LH corner. As an aid I have marked up a picture of a connector showing the numbering of these pins. See Figure 2.

Figure 2

The part numbers for this connector and terminals are listed below:

Connector 19-11-1239 Black connector body
Secondary Lock 19-11-1240 White center piece
Terminal (socket) 19-11-1241  
Wire Seal 19-11-1404 Crimped to wire with terminal
Cavity Plug 19-11-989 Used when no terminal is inserted

This is a waterproof connector, which is why there are two additional part numbers for the wire seal and cavity plug. Use caution when cleaning, because even though these are waterproof, they will not keep moisture away from terminals if the connector is sprayed with a high-pressure washer.

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