Transmission Cooler Campaign #175

On May 10, 1999 MCI released Service Bulletin #175, which distributed rubber isolator kits for the transmission oil cooler. These kits were distributed as a precaution against transmission cooler damage that potentially results in serious transmission failure. Depending on the coach unit number, coach owners either received isolator mount kits, or the isolator kit and a replacement transmission cooler. For coaches not qualified to receive the replacement transmission cooler, MCI offered replacement coolers at a reduced price.

The MCI Warranty Department has received numerous calls concerning transmission failures. Further investigation revealed that most of these coaches did not have the parts listed in this service bulletin installed on the coach. The coach owners had not taken the time to complete this field campaign, and the result was a coach down situation due to a transmission cooler failure.

If you own a 102 D/DL/DLS coach with a serial number between 47553 and 51868, and have not yet completed the campaign, MCI strongly recommends you complete the campaign modifications and replace the transmission cooler immediately.

This campaign is closed. If your coach sustains any transmission failure that is linked to a failed transmission cooler, the repair bill will not be covered by MCI. The coach owner will be responsible for this expense, which averages between $14,000 to $20,000 to rebuild a B500 transmission.


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