Maintenance Recommendation for Rocore® Transmission Coolers

Beginning with units 55643 and 62263, MCI offers transmission sump coolers on coaches equipped with Allison® B500R transmissions. The MCI part number on the transmission cooler is 13-11-1028. Shown below, in Figure 1, is a cut away view of this cooler.

The cut away view shows the cooler is set up with two separate cooling chambers. Oil is routed from the retarder chamber in the transmission to the smaller chamber in the cooler, and the sump oil from the transmission is routed to the larger chamber in the cooler. This cooler configuration, along with a design change internally in the transmission, enables both to be cooled at the same time while the transmission is in retarder mode. On earlier B500R transmissions only the oil in the retarder chamber was cooled during retarder operation, causing the sump oil temperature to increase. Due to the design changes internally to the new B500R transmissions, retrofitting this cooler to the older B500R transmissions will not be of any benefit.

The following paragraphs are excerpts from the Rocore Installation and Maintenance Documentation:

For preventative maintenance we recommend:

  1. Inspect the cooler for leaks during normal oil changing intervals of the transmission (25K miles or 18 months.) Also, inspect the mounting features (brackets/supports, etc) to make sure they are showing no signs of excessive wear (vibration, cracks, etc.) Insure all hoses/lines are securely attached to the cooler.Pull the bundle and clean every 100,000 miles. Inspect bundle/shell for any abnormalities (cracks, rusting, excessive scale or sludge.) Replace all O-Rings, gaskets and seals. If bundle/shell looks acceptable, reassemble for continued use.
  2. As always, if there are any unforeseen events that occur to the vehicle where the cooling circuit or oil circuit has a chance of becoming contaminated, pull the bundle and clean immediately (step b.)

MCI is creating a maintenance kit for servicing this cooler. The part number for this kit will be released at a later date.

If you need further assistance, contact the MCI Customer Support Center at (800) 241-2947.

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