Air System Freeze-Up In Cold Weather

With the peculiar winter weather in North America, many coach owners/operators experience unusual problems with their vehicle air systems. The most common cause of this trouble is freezing moisture in air lines, valves, etc.

Many operators are lax in periodically servicing the air dryer and draining the ping tank and service tanks. With this freezing weather, it is imperative to perform these activities frequently.

As a rule of thumb, for extremely cold weather, tanks should be drained daily, preferably at the end of the day before any moisture has a chance to freeze. Watch for any measurable amount of moisture coming from the tanks. This is a sign that the dessicant cartridge in the air dryer needs servicing or replacing, regardless of the miles on the vehicle.

The copper elbow that connects at the air dryer can be a problem area. Testing shows that freezing moisture here can be avoided by using an insulated electric heater designed to go around this elbow. The two wire leads from this heater are spliced into the wires connected to the air dryer heater. Order heater 7L-8-3501 through MCI Service Parts.

Ignoring your air system could result in your coach being stranded in freezing weather with passengers aboard.

Be safe. Be diligent about preventative maintenance to your coach's air system.

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