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NFI subsidiary MCI unveils a new battery-electric zero-emission commuter coach

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MCI introduced the new D series – marking the MCI’s commuter vehicle and evolving the coach model.

WINNIPEG — On May 13, NFI Group Inc., an independent bus and coach manufacturer, announced that subsidiary Motor Coach Industries (MCI) has unveiled its new zero-emission commuter coach, the D45 CRT LE CHARGE™, and also launched its new D series of coaches.

Leveraging high-torque electric drive systems for operation at highway speeds and plug-in battery charging to 100 percent in less than three hours, the battery-electric D45 CRT LE CHARGE™ tries to harness three major improvements. It purports to exhibit design advancements of the next generation D series, introduces MCI’s low entry vestibule, and integrates CHARGE technology propulsion.

“With the D45 CRT LE CHARGE marking our fourth EV introduced in 2021, NFI is undeniably leading electrification of mass mobility – the ZEvolution,” said Paul Soubry, President and Chief Executive Officer, NFI. “The new battery-electric D45 CRT LE CHARGE follows MCI’s introduction of the J4500 CHARGE, New Flyer’s Xcelsior CHARGE NG, and ARBOC’s Equess CHARGE – all leveraging shared EV technology. Together, NFI’s market-leading portfolio is enabling scalable zero-emission deployment across North America.”

The MCI D45 CRT LE CHARGE™ is an electric coach leveraging regenerative braking and batteries that deliver over 170 miles of range in the 389kWh model, and over 230 miles in the 544 kWh model.

“We designed the zero-emission D45 CRT LE CHARGE with accessibility and passenger experience top of mind, and delivered on unprecedented ease of entry and exit with a patented low entry vestibule, a seating area and ramp that significantly improves dwell time, and improvements in the ride experience for passengers with mobility needs,” said Chris Stoddart, President, New Flyer and MCI. “Whether your goal is emissions reduction, lower operational costs, or to expand commuter express service, this coach delivers one of the safest, most comfortable, sustainable, and flexible mobility solutions available.”

Alongside the D45 CRT LE CHARGE™ launch, MCI introduced the new D series – marking the MCI’s commuter vehicle and evolving the coach model. MCI incorporated customer feedback to maintain quality, safety, workhorse reliability, and comfort at highway speeds.

NFI also offers comprehensive infrastructure support through its Infrastructure Solutions team, providing safe and reliable infrastructure services for sustainable mobility projects with over 200 chargers installed to date.

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