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  • Best Way to Clean your Coach Interiors
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  • Clean and Protect Product Guide by NFI Parts
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  • Version 4 Updated 11/03/20 MCI's Parked or Idled Vehicle
       Maintenance and Restart Readiness Checklist
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  • Recommended Roadside Rescue Tools and Supplies for your Coach
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  • Commonly requested distanced seat layouts
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    Status of Key MCI Services

    NOTE: Deep-cleaning services are also available at all MCI Service Centers, with fogging systems on order slated to arrive on April 20. All MCI Service Centers also provide complimentary vehicle pickup and drop-off during the COVID-19 crisis, subject to staff availability.

    While MCI Service Centers are practicing social distancing and following local visitor protocols, our services also include HVAC maintenance and filter replacement and provide warranty and preventative maintenance as well. Consult our dashboard for the Service Center nearest you.
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    Best way to clean your coach interiors

    Keeping a coach interior clean and sanitized is critical to infection prevention during the COVID-19 outbreak. Specific cleaning instructions and the approved cleaner list for each area of the coach are located within Section 3 of your MCI model’s maintenance manual. Click here to view our list.

    For your information, Bus & Motorcoach News recently published a summary of CDC’s recommend cleaning procedures, and you’ll find CDC’s comprehensive site related to cleaning interiors and products to use against the COVID-19 virus on both hard and soft services by clicking here.

    Check instructions, but generally avoid antibacterial and ammonia base cleansers on vinyl and fabric seating as they may damage the materials. Whatever your choice, always test a product in an inconspicuous area first. We’ve also learned that some MCI customers are using professional systems that use color-coded rag systems that avoid cross-contamination.

    For seat and wall fabrics, manufacturer Bustextil and Sardo Bus and Coach Upholstery recommend using mild soap and water, which also works for handrails.

    Additionally, certain customers have been using more advanced systems (misting or fogging) from companies such as Evaclean or Curis Decontamination.
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    Clean and Protect Product Guide

    Keeping You Moving With The Products You Need NFI Parts offers the latest solutions in keeping coaches and buses safe for your riders and staff. We continue to expand our catalogue to include many options to support social distancing and remove unwanted viruses and bacteria from vehicles. We are diligently working with our customers to ensure their unique needs are being met in these unprecedented times.

    Visit the online guide or contact your NFI Parts customer service representative for more information.
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    Your Extreme Clean Commitment Toolkit

    To help motor coach operators share their enhanced cleaning practices with clients, passengers and the media, MCI has created the Extreme Clean Commitment Toolkit to share information on your enhanced cleaning procedures, products and equipment that will optimize passenger and driver protection in the coming months.

    Download tools or contact your MCI Support Team for more information.
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    Guide for Idle Coaches for an Extended Period

    There are so many unknowns right now. But to make sure your fleet is in good working order when COVID-19 travel restrictions are lifted, MCI technical experts have put together suggested protocols. Click here for MCI’s Parked or Idled Vehicle Maintenance and Readiness Checklist.

    While most industry insurance providers should allow for on-road driving related to maintenance under your current coverage during the COVID-19 emergency, MCI advises that you contact your insurer to confirm coverage for any coach movement outlined in this checklist.
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    LetsGoMotorcoach Newsletter from MCI

    Throughout our history, MCI has managed every challenge in our industry by believing in our customers, our teams and our industry’s ability to innovate – especially in the toughest of situations. During the COVID-19 crisis, we will share great ideas, success stories and the latest news from MCI and our customers in a communication we’re calling #LetsGoMotorCoach.
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    MCI® Preventative Maintenance Guidelines

    Click here for complete Preventative Maintenance Guidelines, please refer to your maintenance manual, or for J4500 models beginning with unit # 67000, please use our Active Publications Website for current charts.
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    Recommended Roadside Rescue Tools and Supplies for your Coach

    If your business is transporting essential workers in healthcare, the military or other industries during the COVID-19 outbreak and your driver encounters a time-sensitive issue with a coach, there may be instances when a mobile technician or tow truck are hours away. MCI Technical Solution Managers (TSMs) suggest that with the right tools and supplies onboard, they can walk a willing driver through temporary repair steps by phone to get passengers to their destination and coaches to proper repair. And if repairs can’t be done by the driver, that connection will provide MCI TSMs with critical information to determine the next-best course of action.

    For a downloadable copy of suggested of the tool kit list from MCI TSMs click here.
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    Social Distancing Seating Recommendations

    Several customers running employee commuter services have asked for recommendations on socially distancing passengers. MCI engineers have recommended seat layouts to help you place passengers at safe distances on essential transport during the COVID-19 emergency. Please contact your MCI sales representative for more details.

    MCI J4500 with typical 56 passenger seat layout following CDC guidelines of 6’ of social distancing
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