Charging System - Renaissance Coach

The Renaissance coach charging system is comprised of two alternators. The main alternator is a Delco 50DN controlled by a Delco solid state regulator (the same set-up as the "D" model). This 270 amp alternator is set to maintain a charging rate of 28.4 volts.

The second alternator is designed to operate as a backup unit. It is a Delco 34SI model designed to charge up to 130 amps. It has an internal regulator preset at 27.5 volts. If the electrical load becomes too great for the larger alternator, the secondary unit will start charging when the voltage level drops to 27.5 volts or less.

With an arrangement like this, you can have an alternator failure of the larger unit and the smaller alternator will keep you going, unless too much electrical load is being required, such as air conditioning and exterior lights at the same time. In situations like this, the air conditioning unit will shut down the passenger fans and log a code, "AL26; Load Shed" (see Section 7, Load Shed/Renaissance Heating And A/C System, for more information on Load Shed).


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