Top 3 Reasons to buy COACH GUARD Bonded Brake Shoes:

  1. The best warranty in the industry — COACH GUARD bonded shoes are warranted against de-bond failure for the usable life of the friction material
  2. An exclusive no-hassle shoe core program on all Meritor / CG Meritor fabricated shoes. No core charge!
  3. All cast shoes have a guaranteed core credit upon receipt of the shoes

Advantages of COACH GUARD Bonded, Riveted& Bolted Shoes:

To find the part number for your bus:

For example: A bonded lining shoe, FMSI no 4228, Abex MC block with a low wear line, COACH GUARD shoe and one oversize block.

Click on each link for a detailed breakdown: 92 4228 0  1  0  8  1

COACH GUARD Brake Shoe Core Return Procedure:

On all cast shoes with a core charge, an RGA will automatically be issued upon purchase of your new bonded brake wheel set (2 shoes per set). Credit will only be issued as wheel sets (i.e. 2 or 3 returned brake shoes constitute one core credit). To ensure an expedient and correct credit on your core, all cast shoes must be segregated from fabricated shoes and ship as outlined below.

You will not incur a core charge when purchasing COACH GUARD fabricated bonded brakes, but we will be glad to take your non-asbestos lined used shoes at our expense. Place used shoes in a suitable shipping container:

Mark each shipping container with name and address of sender.

Note: At MCI's discretion customers will be charged for improperly shipped used shoes if:

Shipping Instructions
Please call Customer Service for instructions on returning cores. We will arrange for prompt pickup.

Customers in the U.S. Please call 800-323-1290
Customers in Canada Please call 800-665-0155 English; 800-546-3457 Français

The returned shoes need to be shipped classified as:
Used brakes, automotive
Item number 18390
Class number 65

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