MCI Severe-Duty Package

Make your workhorse J4500 even more rugged and reliable in harsh environments by adding the Severe-Duty package. Perfect for industrial applications such as mining, oil and gas employee transportation. Provides benefits to operators traveling on gravel roads and dusty environments. In addition to the MCI J4500’s strong semi-monocoque structure featuring full stainless steel for corrosion resistance, the Severe-Duty package features: Learn more about MCI’s option 6.05.116 by speaking to your MCI representative. Cabin fresh-air filtration system Filters fresh air and keeps dust out of the cabin air distribution system Additional full-widthmud flaps for drive axle Extra drive-axle mud flaps better protect the tag-axle steering cylinder, u-joint and transmission housing Additional full-widthmud flaps for front axle Fills in the gap between existing mud flaps to knock down rocks and dust kicked up by the front tires Engine compartment under pans with transmission shroud Protects and shields engine compartment components from road debris Transmission speed sensor protection Added covers ensure reliable connectivity Transmission/differential breather tube protection Relocated to the top of the axle area to protect the accumulation of dirt and debris; guards against ice and snow, increasing the reliability of electrical connections Pressurized baggage compartments Forced air minimizes the intrusion of outside dust as the coach is in motion Brake dust shields on all axles Prevents damage to brake components from large debris 3MPaint film protection Minimizes small-stone damage Severe Duty MY2020. ©2019 Motor Coach Industries, Inc. All rights reserved. Specifications subject to change without notice. Registered trademarks are the property of their respective companies. View all MCI videos