MCI J4500. Travel in a whole new light.

Expert engineering Superior braking Rugged,good looks Reliable design We believe our coaches must be dependable as well as technologically and aesthetically well designed. There is an artful balance of design and functionality in elements like our spiral stepwell. Examine the semi-monocoque construction and you’ll understand why the J4500 is the industry’s leading coach. Three reasons that keep us ahead of the competition: 1 A strong, full stainless steel frame that resists the elements and provides dependable long-term structural integrity – now with more stainless componentry and overall reduced parts count for simplicity. 2 Single-piece, thick-walled stainless steel tubing in critical areas such as our window posts. 3 Electrical systems that are military spec and simplified, using less wiring and fewer modules. For durability and environmental protection, we seal the compartments and connectors. Moreover, MCI’s harnesses feature appropriate strain relief, and we utilize common modules, which limit the use of relays. These are just a few of the ways that MCI is Reliability Driven. ™ Reliablemanufacturing At MCI, our people are Reliability Driven. It means that everyone does their part to make MCI coaches the most reliable choice on the road. We lead the industry with investments in innovations in manufacturing, parts and service. And, as part of New Flyer Industries, we’re one family, with over 200 years of bus and manufacturing experience combined and nearly 5,000 people supporting customers that operate 42,000 transit buses and 28,000 motor coaches in the U.S. and Canada. We understand the responsibility of designing, sourcing, building, delivering and supporting motor coaches that operate in daily service and in diverse and demanding environments. That’s why today we are proud of our newest MCI J4500 built with world-class quality standards with record-breaking, best-in- class achievements to help fuel the competitive successes of our customers. Reliable economy As a coach operator, you know that every detail can make a difference in your operating margins. That’s why you need to know that the redesigned J4500 is a vehicle of optimized economy. The MCI J4500 comes equipped with a standard Cummins engine or optional Detroit Diesel engine, along with a lighter, high-efficiency cooling system and optimized axle ratios to improve efficiency. This low-emission solution helps operators make a green impression and sound green investment. Qualitymanufacturing 4