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By its very design, the motor coach embodies transportation efficiency and energy conservation. As North America’s leader in intercity coach manufacturing, Motor Coach Industries is dedicated to bringing the very best in long-distance transportation to the public and private sectors, with motor coach models that feature clean-air and fuel conservation technologies; superior comfort and safety amenities; and accessibility for all.

Environmental stewardship starts within
Our employees take a team approach to serving our customers and our environment. Their extra-mile attitude extends to forming new carbon-constrained behaviors. To improve resource productivity, we have introduced recycling and waste reduction programs at our plants, service centers, parts distribution facilities and corporate offices.

Join us on the green highway
The good news is that group travel by motor coach takes more than 425 million cars off the road each year. MCI believes that coach transit provides one of the nation’s cleanest, most cost-effective solutions for municipalities and private employers to fight urban traffic congestion and promote energy conservation. We like to point to this statistic as a starting point:  A single coach filled to safe capacity can remove 55 cars from the road at any one time.

With the U.S. transportation system accounting for approximately one-third of greenhouse gas emissions and 70 percent of our oil consumption, with most of that coming from automobiles, the energy-saving potential of shifting passengers to more efficient transportation is vast. MCI and our industry are working together to educate riders on the benefits of motor coaches for fuel conservation and cleaner air.  We think that riders are key allies in the environmental cause: As they demand better energy and transportation solutions, government and private industry will work to supply them. And so will we.