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Dear Customers and Colleagues,

Some 80 years ago, at the dawn of motor coach travel and, coincidentally, the birth of MCI, people first recognized motor coach travel as a great way to travel point to point in an era in which few people depended on private automobiles.

Today, things appear to be coming full circle. With gas as expensive as it is, traffic congestion worsening, and experts agreeing that it's time to work harder to cut greenhouse gases, motor coach travel is again looking like a viable solution to many of our transportation challenges.

That's why we're telling our customers — and yours — that there's never been a better time to "Go Green. Go Coach. Go MCI." We've taken the lead in being green by offering coaches with the widest selection of EPA-compliant engines and powertrain options. These new engines feature a diesel particulate filter (DPF) and use Ultra Low Sulfur Fuel to eventually reduce emissions by 90 percent and emit less "black smoke" than their predecessors. MCI also offers options such as the SmarWave® pressure monitoring system and GPS systems to help further fuel conservation. We even offer coaches in CNG and Hybrid configurations.

Within our own plants and service centers, we've been making many "green" improvements as well. Our Winnipeg plant runs largely on hydro-electric power, and we've been working with utility providers to cut our peak and overall usage. We use a DuPont paint system that offers better performance with more energy and paint conservation. We've even replaced many of our solvent-based adhesives and cleaners with water-based materials that perform to the same specifications, but with less release of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) into the air. And we're looking at all of our waste streams to increase our recyclables.

There's never been a better time to reach out to your community as well, and remind people of all the reasons they should travel by motor coach. At MCI, we think we can do a better job of changing people's perception of what motor coaches can do for them and the world in which they live. Part of it will be the coaches themselves — clean, beautiful and modern; part of it will be what kind of message we can send — that coaches represent conservation, convenience and value. And part of it will be up to operators to offer the kinds of services communities will embrace.

It's a great time to be a part of the Industry. We're glad you're with us.