Introducing Vortex Technology

Webb Transit has introduced a new brake drum design specifically for MAN transit axles using patented Vortex technology. This unique product is both lighter in weight and substantially stronger due to the repositioning of the squealer band and the addition of reinforcement ribs. The precision fit, performance, and durability that you have come to expect from Webb Transit has been greatly enhanced by this innovation.



  • Lighter Weight
  • Increased Strength
  • Enhanced Heat Absorption Characteristics


  • Increased Performance
  • Superior Durability
  • Decreased Maintenance Costs

Introductory pricing on our Vortex drums

74040B Vortex Brake Drum 16.14 x 6
74089B Vortex Brake Drum 16.14 x 8.62

Hot Deals on Drums

61950B Balanced Brake Drum 15 x 6
61991B Balanced Brake Drum 15 x 8.62
64004B Balanced Brake Drum Front
64004F Brake Drum Front/Tag w/ vert rib
64004Y Balanced Brake Drum Front
64009B Balanced Brake Drum Rear
64015F Brake Drum w/o ribs
64040F Brake Drum w/o ribs
64046F Brake Drum Front w/o ribs, RTS
64048F Brake Drum Rear w/o ribs, RTS
64048US Brake Drum
64050B16 Balanced Brake Drum Drive
64051B16 Balanced Brake Drum
64051F Brake Drum
64053B16 Brake Drum
64073B Brake Drum
64089F Brake Drum w/o ribs
64112B Balanced Brake Drum, Speedo Hld
64115B Balanced Brake Drum w/o skid holes
64115C Balanced Brake Drum, w/anti-skid holes
64115F Unbalanced Brake Drum, w/circular ribs
64117B Balanced Brake Drum. w/circular ribs
64117F Brake Drum w/circular ribs
64117US Brake Drum .040 under size
64119B Balanced Brake Drum w/anti-skid holes
64119D Balanced Brake Drum
64119F Brake Drum
64119Y Balanced Brake Drum w/anti-skid holes
64125B Brake Drum Drive, vented
65004B Balanced Brake Drum
65004Y Balanced Brake Drum
65119J Brake Drum Trailing LH/RH non-vented
65152B Q Brake Drum steer/tag
65153B Brake Drum LH/RH
65154B Brake Drum
65545B Balanced Brake Drum Trailing 15 x 4
65551B Q-Brake Drum Tag
65565B Balanced Brake Drum Trailing 15 x 4
65600B Balanced Brake Drum
65600C Balanced Brake Drum Front
65607B Q-Plus Brake Drum 16.5 x 6 Hub
65651B Balanced Brake Drum
66364B Brake Drum 16.5 x 6
66374B Brake Drum
66812F Brake Drum Rear T-30
66854B Brake Drum Drive LH/RH 16.5 x 8.63
66866B Balanced Brake Drum 16.5 x 10
66884B Balanced Brake Drum Rear LH/RH

Enjoy Deep Discounts on the Following Drums while supplies last!

61567B Brake Drum Rear, Heavy Duty
61950D Brake Drum 15 x 6 under size
61958B Wheel Drum
61989F Brake Drum
64015U Brake Drum .040 under size
64017F Brake Drum Front
64036F Brake Drum w/vert ribs
64046B Balanced Brake Drum Front
64073Y Brake Drum
64089U Brake Drum w/o ribs under size
64112Y Balanced Brake Drum, Speedo Hld
64113B Balanced Brake Drum
64113F Brake Drum w/circular ribs
64115H Brake Drum
64115J Brake Drum
64115U Unbalanced Brake Drum .040 under size
64115Y Balanced Brake Drum w/o skid holes
65169B Brake Drum 16.5 x 6
65176B Balanced Brake Drum 16.5 x 6
65179B Balanced Brake Drum 16.5 x 6
65670B Brake Drum

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