MCI rolls out 2011 touring models

MCI's first 2011 models will begin rolling off the assembly line in August. Customers will find more of the good looks, great ride and performance features they've come to love, along with some new items and options to make the journey even better.

General improvements

J4500, D4505 and D4005 models will benefit from a variety of improvements. New features and options include an upgraded Smartwave® tire-pressure monitoring system with "always-on" sensors, a new shift-inhibit feature to help prevent drivers from accidentally putting a coach into gear, a digital wheel-end shutdown feature that works with other monitoring systems, a program for seatbelt retrofits, wide-aspect Blaupunkt monitors, updated Wi-Fi that will accommodate more users, a new Blaupunkt microphone, power windshield blinds and more.

New lighter, more effective cooling packages

MCI has redesigned its cooling package and fan drive to accommodate engines compliant with 2010 EPA standards. The new system will be installed on all coaches even before the new engines make their debut. "The new cooling package is significantly lighter, quieter, and more corrosion resistant, which is good for fuel mileage, performance, and payload capacity," says Brent Danielson, director of engineering for MCI. "We cut this new design in ahead of the engine change to provide the product improvement to our customers."

Lighting improvements

All MCI coaches continue to move to LED lighting for lower power draw, cooler operation and energy efficiency. Look to 2011 models for new LED kneeling lights, reading lights, blue under-seat lights and more, depending on the model.

Models at a glance

Steering the J4500: The industry's best-selling coach will look comfortingly familiar for 2011, with a few welcome changes inside. Most significantly, the J4500 will gain as an option the steerable tag axle familiar to drivers of the E4500. The steerable tag axle gives the J4500 a tighter turning radius of 45 feet, two feet tighter than the basic configuration.  New basic features include an ABS entrance-door panel, LED tube overhead aisle lights and LED accent lighting.

Refining the E4500: MCI's luxury flagship coach continues to attract passengers with its excellent ride, responsiveness and suite of passenger amenities. Other new optional features include a driver's seat with three-point seatbelt, LED tube overhead aisle lights, and LED accent lighting.

Smoothing the D-Series: The D-Series touring models will ride on front-axle Koni shocks for 2011, contributing to a smoother, more responsive ride. Other improvements include LED courtesy lighting in the parcel racks, and four 10" Blaupunkt video monitors as standard equipment.

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