Western Canada's most familiar MCI face goes national

For nearly 19 years, customers in Western Canada have come to know Doug DePape as the friendly face of MCI, serving them first in MCI Service Parts and, more recently, as a fleet support manager. Now even more customers will get to know one of MCI's most proactive after-sale service professionals as he takes the reins as MCI's parts solutions manager for all of Canada.

It's a new position for DePape — and for MCI. DePape will now take a slightly different role in the parts-purchasing process than he did as a fleet support manager, getting involved in orders on a case-by-case basis. Whether it's assisting a customer in expediting a vital shipment, helping find an unusual part or clarifying an issue, DePape is sure to bring empathy and action to the task.

"If customers have an issue that they're not happy with, they can call me and I can dig into it further and see if we can't improve the situation," says DePape, who says that calling MCI's customer service representatives will still be most customers' first course of action. "It's not all that different than what I've been doing for many years, and I look forward to the opportunity to help even more of our MCI customers."

Nearly 40 years of expertise

Those customers who don't already know DePape will quickly learn that he knows his parts. In addition to his years at MCI, DePape spent nearly 20 years in heavy-equipment parts sales for the construction, mining and forestry industry. Though he laughs off the idea that he knows what every part does, he does know where to find answers.

"I know who to talk to, and I know how to find non-standard parts that a lot of people in customer service might not be able to," says DePape. "Finding the creative solution is where I come in."

Voice of action

DePape looks forward to meeting his new customers — he'll be spending less time on the road, focused on reaching more customers by phone. "I've always liked meeting new people. I'll be handling a larger territory and some different types of businesses, but it all boils down to the same thing: keeping their buses moving."

DePape says he finds gratification in resolving issues and helping his customers find ways of doing things that make their business better. Says DePape, "If there's one thing I want them to know, it's that I'm not satisfied until they are. If they're not happy with a resolution, we need to find another resolution."

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